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Keeping Your Freezer, Ice Cream Machine, & Other Equipment Running

When the equipment acts up in your kitchen, be sure to take action by calling Unlimited Skills & Services, Inc., based in White Plains, New York. From fixing walk-in freezers to ice cream machine repair, we can help you keep everything cold. Be sure to contact us for more information about our commercial kitchen equipment repair services, as well.

Restaurant Equipment

One Service Company

For many years, food facility personnel had to call different service companies to provide needed repairs for different pieces of kitchen and restaurant equipment. This resulted in high travel costs and, sometimes, a large number of technicians servicing the same location at the same time. Our service technicians are multi-skilled and have the ability to repair more than one brand of equipment. You no longer need to call multiple companies to provide both ice cream machine and commercial freezer repair.

Low-Cost Repairs

In the industry today, everyone is cost-conscious and looking for more reliable and reasonable service at a good price. Compared to competitive service companies, our commercial kitchen equipment repair service exceeds others in terms of price and quality of service. The ability to deliver this type of comprehensive repair service is a one of our unique capabilities.